Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mission Statement

Sure we have a simple mission statement already ("We watch bad movies, so you don't have to"). I feel it's appropriate and something to grab on to. However, Cinemasochists podcast co-host Michael stumbled upon a very....profound (?) quote from the late movie critic Pauline Kael. Read below and feel free to comment.

"The romance of movies is not just in those stories and those people on the screen but in the adolescent dream of meeting others who feel as you do about what you’ve seen. You do meet them, of course, and you know each other at once because you talk less about good movies than about what you love in bad movies.”
- Pauline Kael, Trash, Art, & The Movies (1969)
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Episode 36; Soldier (1998-Kurt Russell) or; Behind Blue Eyes

Michael and Noah wished for one-liners and Sean wished for "Dollman". Anything but what we watched this week; Kurt Russell's 1998 action-er, SOLIDER! This is #14 of our 15 Biggest Box Office Bombs, or BOB's for short...
Enjoy episode 36, sir!
Budget: $75,000,000
Gross: $15,000,000


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