Welcome to The Cinemasochist World. Where monsters walk strip malls, women lose their shoes and rap stars try their hand at acting. It’s a cruel , cruel world. Worry not, good film lovers; we are here to do it so you don’t have to. We have been sent from the VHS Gods to fulfill an obligatory community service by watching the worst films of recent memory. Our goal is find out, in retrospect, if these films are as bad as they seemed. Are they redeemable? Are they even watchable?
We will do our best to do one film a week and record a play by play of sorts for your listening pleasure. We will watch said films together and immediately after, vomit our thoughts into a microphone. Sometimes the vomit will be tasty, other times, not. But, that’s how it goes when tackling an endeavor such as this. It’s a crap shoot. And it’s also crap.

Alongside the podcast, this webpage has many more features including one off reviews from staff writers Eric, Sean and Michael.

We record wherever we can, but we couldn't get it together without the help of The Grindhouse Studios in Torrance, CA.

NEW FOR 2011! Recipes that coincide with the podcasted "bad" films by Mama Maria!

We hope to build our reputation and grow in 2011. With an alliance from Mondo Celluloid we may start screening films publicly!

Stick around for updates daily!

If you have words , feel free to type them and send ‘em here: cinemasochists@gmail.com
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Thanks for listening!