Thursday, December 1, 2011

Episode 42; Final Fantasy-The Spirits Within

(note the TWO BIG THUMBS UP on this poster...)

We skipped number 10 in the "Biggest Box Office Bombs" and went straight to number 9.
Final Fantasy-The Spirits Within was a huge loss for Sony earlier this decade and we see why. Listen in to find out.
We also explain WHY we skipped number 10 in the marathon.

Listen to Episode 42 HERE!




  1. Can't believe you skipped Oronchon. First you diss on A Boy and His Dog, and now this. I was a loyal listener before. Now I'm going to burn all my Cinemasochists records.

    Also, don't do Cat People. A shitty Val Lewton movie is The Ghost Ship.

  2. Well, we are bigger than Jesus...So we can do whatever we want. Just sayin'.
    I remember LIKING Ghost Ship... hahah